New Zealand

36 Bipartisan Members of the Senate, 14 March 2013, “Without open access to Canada and absent significant policy reform by New Zealand, dairy industry in our states strongly believes that the TPP promise of growth in export demand for U.S. dairy all but vanishes and that in its place they could see significant losses here at home.”

74 Bipartisan Members of the House of Representatives, 26 July 2013, “… New Zealand has resisted considering meaningful reforms to its dairy sector policies… Dairy producers and processors in our states are deeply concerned that this government policy provides New Zealand with a tremendous advantage in global markets and believe strongly that it must be effectively addressed as precursor to any expansion of U.S.-New Zealand dairy trade in TPP.”

47 Bipartisan Members of the House of Representatives, 27 January 2010 “…we find the industry’s request that U.S.-New Zealand dairy trade be excluded from any final TPP Agreement particularly compelling… Accordingly, given the great importance of the dairy industry to our nation and constituents, we ask that you carefully consider excluding U.S.-New Zealand dairy trade from any final TPP Agreement.” (Congressional Dairy Farmer Caucus)

30 Bipartisan Members of the Senate, 11 March 2010. “Because of the anti-competitive practices in New Zealand’s dairy industry and the extensive degree of control it wields over world dairy markets to the detriment of the U.S. dairy industry, we are deeply concerned that an expansion of U.S.-New Zealand dairy trade would further open the U.S. to these imports while providing little additional market access for American farmers in New Zealand and other Pacific countries.”

1 House Republican 18 February 2011, “… I am concerned about longstanding policies in New Zealand that limit or restrict the access to new medicines… the New Zealand system for reimbursing medicines is non-transparent, unaccountable, and not incidentally, exempt from competition laws in New Zealand, which allow it to unfairly keep innovative companies from accessing its market.”