Labour, 153 Democrat Members of the House of Representatives, 29 May 2014,  “And in Mexico, the Department of State notes that protection unions, and the protection contracts they sign, ‘continued to be a problem in all sectors, and many observers noted that a majority of workers in unions belonged to unrepresentative unions.’  … These issues must be addressed in a serious and meaningful way in order for the TPP to move forward.  We must do everything possible to prevent the American marketplace from being flooded with imports manufactured by workers laboring without human dignity and individual rights. The Administration must refrain from validating such woefully inadequate labor norms and the final agreement should be withheld until these countries embrace the need to reform their labor laws and move aggressively to implement them.”

Dolphin/Tuna, 20 Democrat Members of the House of Representatives, 25 October 2012, “A bilateral discourse with Mexico in the TPP context is appropriate, as Mexico seeks to benefit from the TPP process by gaining new commercial rights and greater access to U.S. consumers for Mexican exports. We should not grant such benefits unless we can assure U.S. consumers that ‘dolphin-safe’ tuna imported from Mexico (or elsewhere) remains truly dolphin-safe.”

NAFTA Anti-Dumping, Countervailing Duties, Dispute Settlement, 11 Bipartisan Members of the Senate, 9 October 2012, “…the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) allows Mexico and Canada to side-step the U.S. judicial system with respect to the application of our trade laws, like those that remedy dumping and countervailable subsidies. We strongly believe that the TPP agreement should put an end to the inequities established under NAFTA…”