Criminal vs Civil Lawyer- What’s the Difference?

As we all know that a lawyer is a one who has studied law, completed the practical legal training and represent someone in legal matters in court. Lawyers work in a variety of fields starting from criminal law to divorce law, patent law, civil law etc. Their job includes counseling the clients about legal matters and representing on behalf of them in criminal or civil court. They also do duties not only inside the courtroom but outside as well which includes researching or preparing cases and offering their advice.

Types of lawyers

There are many types of lawyers such as corporate lawyer also known as business lawyer, civil lawyer criminal lawyer, labor lawyer, finance and securities lawyer, family lawyer, tax lawyer etc. Among them the most commonly hired lawyers are civil lawyer and criminal lawyer. Let’s talk about the difference between them and the reason they are hired often.  

Civil lawyer

The civil law is undeniable and certainly the most significant branch of law for every constitutional country. Since civil law is very important, it is even more important to protect all the civil rights. For this purpose there are civil lawyers. All non criminal cases are handled by a civil lawyer.

A civil lawyer deals with the disputes between individual parties. Disputes can be related to some business, organization, property or family. The complaint is filed by the private party against another one. The one who filed the case is called the plaintiff and the one against whom the case is filed is called the defendant. In most of the cases the plaintiff is suing the defendant for damaging the property or for personal harm. The defendant is asked to appear in front of the judge at every stage of the case and is asked to pay the damage.

Criminal lawyer

Criminal lawyer is the one who specializes in criminal law. They are the one who represents defendant in criminal cases. Criminal lawyer is in charge of defending people who are involved in criminal acts. They study the whole case, present their findings in court and try to settle the case on the behalf of defendant. Criminal lawyers central coast help clients understand their legal options. Their aim is to resolve the case as favorably as possible. They negotiate plea negotiations and punishments. They try their best to settle the case but sometimes it is not possible and trial are arranged.

Criminal lawyer will know all the possible outcomes in case of long-term sentence or short-term sentence. Eventually, they busy themselves gathering proof from police reports and eye-witness testimonies to develop a defence for their client. For this they work with private investigator, consultants and others to defend the rights of their clients.

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