Market Access (Ag) 140 Bipartisan Members of the House of Representatives, 30 July 2014, “…we are also troubled by Canada’s lack of ambition… we urge you to hold Japan and Canada to the same high standards as other TPP partners. Otherwise, Congressional support for a final TPP agreement will be jeopardized.”

Market Access (Dairy) 74 Bipartisan Members of the House of Representatives, 26 July 2013, “…dairy discussions with Canada should focus not only on removing tariffs but also preventing various forms of non-tariff barriers from being employed to negate market access for U.S. dairy. In the past, the U.S. has won tariff concessions from Canada only to see those grains impeded through other means, a troubling trend that has only grown in recent years.”

Market Access (Dairy) 36 Bipartisan Members of the Senate, 14 March 2013, “Without open access to Canada and absent significant policy reform by New Zealand, dairy industry in our states strongly believes that the TPP promise of growth in export demand for U.S. dairy all but vanishes and that in its place they could see significant losses here at home.”

NAFTA Anti-Dumping, Countervailing Duties Dispute Settlement, 11 Bipartisan Members of the Senate, 9 October 2012, “…the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) allows Mexico and Canada to side-step the U.S. judicial system with respect to the application of our trade laws, like those that remedy dumping and countervailable subsidies. We strongly believe that the TPP agreement should put an end to the inequities established under NAFTA…”