Buy American, Rules of Origin, SOEs, Labour

121 Bipartisan Members of the House of Representatives, 30 July 2014, “Any prospective TPP agreement must not provide firms operating in the other TPP nations ‘national treatment’ access to U.S. government procurement, since doing so would undermine the standards that Congress has set to support a strong domestic manufacturing sector.  While we may have different views on other aspects of the prospective TPP, we are united in believing that inclusion of ‘national treatment’ for U.S. government procurement in the agreement is completely unacceptable.”

1 House Democrat, 25 September 2013, “It is critical that these disciplines are meaningful and that they are subject to an effective dispute settlement mechanism that puts a stop to trade-distorting practices before American companies are put out of business and our workers lose their jobs.”


23 Bipartisan Members of the Senate, 30 November 2012, “…we respectfully urge you to… Maintain ‘Buy American’ government procurement requirements… Require strong Rules of Origin… Ensure that SOEs operate on a level playing field, …Safeguard against investment and service sector rules that provide incentives for the offshoring of both good manufacturing and service sector jobs, Include an enforceable obligation to protect fundamental labor rights … [and] Safeguard against currency manipulation.”


28 Democrat Members of the House of Representatives, 20 January 2010, “We do not believe it is appropriate … to impose limits on the ability of Congress and state legislatures to design stimulus, infrastructure and other government procurement activities that promote the public interest.” (House Trade Working Group)